Test::Unit::XML Home Page

Welcome to the Test::Unit::XML Home Page! Test::Unit::XML is a Ruby module for unit testing XML documents.

Test::Unit::XML is designed to be mixed in with Test::Unit, the standard unit test framework that is part of the Ruby standard library. You can find the details in the API documentation.


2006-04-19: Version 0.1.5 Released

TestUnitXml 0.1.5 fixes a bug when comparing attributes that contain entities. Thanks to Paul Battley for finding it.

A new assertion, assert_xml_not_equal, has been added. This is the inverse of the assert_xml_equal assertion.

2006-01-23: Version 0.1.4 Released

Test::Unit::XML v0.1.4 adds Doctype comparison to the assert_xml_equal assertion. The API Documentation has also been improved.

The online documentation has been updated to version 0.1.4, and the online tutorial has also been updated.

2006-11-14: Test::Unit::XML Quick Start Tutorial

You can find the tutorial at the Kallokain blog.

2006-01-11: Version 0.1.3 Released

This is the first Test::Unit::XML release. The package contains one assertion, assert_xml_equal, that checks if two XML documents, or document fragments, are equal.

Download here.